Launched in 2018, Older and Bolder is a visibility campaign and community impact project that aims to cultivate and elevate the voice of elders in the City of Boston while building cross cultural dialogue. Addressing issues of resilience and racial equity, Older and Bolder creates space for and activates elders of color, one of Boston’s most vulnerable populations. Partnering with BCYF Grove Hall Senior Center, Older and Bolder creates space for older adults to share their voice and stories, build and strengthen relationships with each other, identify and address common concerns through art and social exchange.



Join Us if You Are 55+

Dates/Times: Tuesdays, 11AM-1PM: Elder Voice, 3:15-5:15PM: Taiko Drumming

Location: Boston Center for Youth and Families, Grove Hall Senior Center, 51 Geneva Ave., Dorchester, MA

Phone:  617-635-1484

Tackling Street Safety

Transportation has been a natural of area of action, as elders and staff at the BCYF Grove Hall Senior Center have shared concerns about the Geneva Avenue crosswalk in front of the Center, which poses safety concerns for senior walkers. Through drumming and more, elders will advocate for pedestrian-friendly streets while working with the Elderly Commission, the City’s Transportation Department’s Vision Zero Boston initiative, and partner groups such as Walk Boston and Livable Streets Alliance.