Creative Impact for Change


Art and Creativity for Healing and Action


Creative Impact for Change believes in the transformative power of connecting. We believe that art and creativity are tools to inspire, educate, and engage.

Below are some of the ways we practice.

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Why taiko?

TAIKO is the Japanese word for 'drum' and has existed in Japanese culture for thousands of years. Taiko came to the US with early immigrants and took root as an art form though cultural festivals, Buddhist spiritual practices, and the work of Japanese and Asian American activists of the '70's.  Combined with other forms of expression the taiko is a powerful tool for individual and community empowerment.



Taiko & Community

“Teaching taiko isn’t just about teaching people to be with a drum, but teaching them how to be ‘good people’ through the use of music and art.” – Karen Young


Women and Taiko

Increasing the visibility of women in the art form

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